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Policy Workshop: Strengthening REACH Provisions Concerning (Imported) Articles

9 October 2014 at Université Saint-Louis in Brussels


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  1. Welcome and Introduction: Background of the project
    Dr. Johanna Wurbs (German Federal Environment Agency)

  2. SVHC in (imported) articles: Current state of play in the implementation of REACH
    Rémi Lefèvre (ECHA)

  3. Legal appraisal: WTO conformity of an extension of the REACH provisions concerning authorisation of SVHC present in imported articles

    • Statements by stakeholders  
      Lawrence A. Kogan, Esq. (The Kogan Law Group, P.C., New York)
      Vito Buonsante, LL.M (ClientEarth)

  4. Options to improve information and communication on articles containing SVHC

    • Statements by stakeholders
      Dr. Franz Fiala (ANEC)
      Dr. Erwin Annys (Cefic) 
    • Presentation and legal evaluation
      Prof. Dr. Dirk Bunke and Andreas Hermann, LL.M (Öko-Institut)
      •    Communication duties according to Art. 33 (standardised communication format for articles)
      •    Registration and notification obligations according to Art. 7 (Information requirements for a registered use)
      •    Labelling obligation for articles containing SVHC 

  5. Concluding remarks
    Dr. Christoph Schulte, Dr. Johanna Wurbs (both German Federal Environment Agency)